Choosing a Virtual Space for Exhibitions


When creating a virtual reality exhibition, you can choose the space you want to exhibit artworks in. VR-All-Art gives you the freedom to present your artworks in any environment that suits your needs.

There are three options to choose from:

    • a pre-designed space
    • a gallery or museum clone
    • a tailor-made exhibition space


Use a pre-designed exhibition space

Browse existing VR-All-Art exhibition spaces and customize them to your needs.

This option is best if you are just starting out or don't own your own brick & mortar exhibition space.



Clone your own brick & mortar gallery or museum

Scan and replicate your own exhibition space in virtual reality with the help of our experts.

We recommend this option if you would like to exhibit in a virtual clone of your own space.



Create a tailor-made exhibition space

Design a unique and personalized gallery or museum with VR-All-Art architects and 3D specialists.

Whether you own a brick & mortar exhibition space or not, you also have the option of creating a new virtual space following your own vision.