Setting up VR Exhibitions in the Editor

Before you can set up an exhibition in the Editor, you have to first create it in the Dashboard.



Log into the VR-All-Art Editor and import the exhibition you want to set up.

When the exhibition has loaded, you will be placed in the middle of the virtual space. Now you are ready to start setting up your VR exhibition.


Step 1

Press the Alt button to rotate your screen using your mouse. When this mode is activated, an icon of an eye will appear.

Rotate toward the wall you want to place art pieces on. The Pan icon in the Editor enables you to fix the view on your screen and move sideways.

Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in or out.


Step 2

When you are in position and ready to place artworks on the wall, click on "Artwork" in the right side panel of the Editor and select the first art piece, then drag and drop it on the wall using your mouse.

In the bottom right corner of the screen you will see a preview of the selected artwork.


Step 3

Once the artwork is on the wall you can add Assets to it (frames, passe-partout, glass, etc). You can also add other Assets to the exhibition such as lights.

The Assets available for use are based on those you selected when creating the exhibition in the VR-All-Art Dashboard. 

Once an Asset is selected (e.g. a frame), drag and drop it onto the artwork.

You can choose the color of the frame by clicking on "Frame color".

The preview of a selected frame will appear in the bottom right corner of the Editor.

Following the same principle, drag and drop passe-partout onto the artwork.

Choose the color of the passe-partout by clicking on "Color".

And set the width by clicking on "Margin" and typing in the desired dimension.

You can add a glass onto the artwork the same way.


Step 4

Use the Move tool to move an artwork with Assets around and across the walls. By clicking on the Move tool and then on the artwork itself, the X, Y and Z axes will appear on the selected artwork.

In the right side panel you will find a window with the current position of the painting. Set the distance of the artwork from the floor and ceiling (bottom and top), as well as from other art pieces or objects (left and right).


Step 5

To insert text on the walls, in the drop-down menu select Object > Text.

By clicking on "Text" in the right corner of the editor in Signage, a new icon (New text) will appear.

Insert text in the Text menu, chose the font, color, etc.

Once finished drag and drop the New text icon onto the wall.

Use the Move tool to move and change the size of the text.


Step 6

Change the colors of the walls by clicking on Hierarchy > Walls > Main hall wall > Wall color.